Nomination submitted by: David Schmucker

Nominee: Tony (T.J.) Johnson, Kingman, AZ

Being a parent is difficult in itself, but raising a child in one’s very early 20’s is a whole different ballgame. 
That is where Tony (TJ) Johnson found himself a few years ago, when the love of his life gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Amiah. Left wondering how he would provide for his newest little family member- for the past five years, he has done just that. He has been a father – a great one, at that – and a strong provider for his family, as well. The immense love he receives from his own mother has clearly impacted him, as he shows that same love to his soon-to-be-wife and to his, now, two beautiful children.

Even when his dear sister passed a couple of years ago, he never lost the faith and the love that has endeared him to so many. The loving support system that he has around him, partially facilitated by the love he so often shares, helped guide him through that difficult time and continue to be a strong, loving father to his two young children.

You might spot TJ at the Colorado River Ford, working very hard to support his family of four. You might see him on the Centennial Park softball fields, cracking home runs, or hustling around the field. Maybe you will see him at Walmart, shopping with his family. You might even see him at a local basketball gym, shooting jump shots or boxing out for a rebound. No matter where you see TJ, you will notice the fun-loving attitude and genuine character that I am sure has been a light for countless people that have come in contact with him.

While there are many great parents in Mohave County, I have seen TJ always put others before himself. Whether it's helping somebody out at a local grocery store, or raising his two children, he makes sure the needs of others are met and often goes out of his way to do so.

The way he plays with his children, cares for them, lovingly disciplines them, and teaches them how to ride a bike or brush their teeth, reflects on the awesome character that he possesses.

Watch this video- it speaks for itself. It's pure, raw and heartwarmingly beautiful- a glimpse of the love shared between a little girl and her daddy.