Confidence is the belief in oneself and the expectation of a positive outcome. We believe this is an incredibly important trait for anyone. Believing in one's own abilities may take some practice. We can help each other build confidence through encouragement and support. Genuine compliments go a long way in building the confidence of those around us.

A cool thing to remember is that, although there may be over seven billion people on this planet, there is only one you! You are unique! You can be confident in knowing that you do not have to try to be like someone else, or even be better than someone else. Just strive to be better than the you from yesterday!


Studies show that children are born with the innate ability to be compassionate, evidenced by the hormone oxytosin; that children are hard-wired for compassion, so to speak. We agree, and think that parents, teachers, construction workers, nurses, police officers, politicians, gas attendants, well, everybody should encourage and cultivate this emotion in the younger generation and in ourselves! Our hope is that, in working with schools and parents, that we and our children will tap into that compassion -wire and channel it in a way that lifts up those around them and shines a light in the lives of others.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” ~ Dalai Lama

The Three C's


Children are naturally creative and curious. You may find them rummaging through a dirt pile playing with worms. Or, maybe drawing a picture of their family and friends using colors and shapes born from their imagination. Some write short stories about valiant mice defeating the army of oppressive felines. Somewhere along the way of life and education, we can find our creativity stifled and lying dormant. 

It does not have to be this way! Creativity and the passion and confidence to pursue it is what changes our world. The lightbulb, the airplane, the pencil - all, at one point, creative things that changed everyday life!

Cultivate your child's creativity through encouragement and giving them the freedom to explore nature, books, tools, to create. 

Cultivate your own creativity, and those around you, by thinking outside the box. Try picking up a brush and painting every once in a while, building a rocking chair, designing a cool new shirt, gazing up at the stars in awe and wonder, anything!