"Aaron DeVries comes from a family of law enforcement. At a young age, Aaron knew law enforcement was his calling. He began working as a public safety dispatcher before becoming a deputy. Aaron has taken the oath to protect and serve this community and has for several years. He has even won Law Enforcement Officer of the year in 2011! He continually works to help the community in many ways. Each and every day, he puts that uniform on and leaves his home; his family, to protect all of us.

Amanda has a strong passion for law enforcement as well. She is a supportive wife and is always coming up with different ways to show it. She has headed up many events to show appreciation for law enforcement. Amanda and friends recently made 'thank you' banners for the local agencies. She also reached out to schools in the community and asked for students to write letters to officers. These letters were presented to local law enforcement agencies to show appreciation. Amanda also arranged a group to get together to tie blue ribbon around town (some can still be seen at KPD). She feels with all the negativity in the country regarding law enforcement that all officers need to know people care for and are thankful for them.

Amanda has also started an online support group for our local law enforcement and their wives. Amanda's other passion is breast cancer awareness. She has been a strong supporter and is always going above and beyond, having been the top fundraiser for the last couple of years. She's very passionate about receiving donations that will assist local families being affected by this horrible disease. You can drive by her house anytime in the month of October and see her house lit up in "Pink".

Next is Mykenzie. She may only be 6 years old but she also has her passion to help this community...recycling. MyKenzie will pick up paper, cans and bottles while at the park, going for walks or riding her bike. Kenzie says she is going to clean the earth and she believes it. At just 6 years old, I hope she continues to hold onto those dreams. She has also gotten recognized at school for helping younger children.

Last but not least is Madysyn. She is only 3 years old. She doesn't really have any interests right now other than Disney's Frozen and Dinosaurs, however, I guarantee she will be finding her passion soon. I can also predict this whole family is and will continue making a difference in this community."

Nominee(s): The DeVries family: 

Aaron, Amanda, Mykenzie and Madysyn

Submitted by: Lenny Sandy Edwards