Aaron DeVries comes from a family of law enforcement. At a young age, Aaron knew law enforcement was his calling. He began working as a public safety dispatcher before becoming a deputy. Aaron has taken the oath to protect and serve this community and has for several years.

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How many of you knew that we have numerous national champion level dancers right here in our community? We credit this remarkable woman and her team of outstanding, world-class instructors for this distinction!

Jennifer has one of those smiles that just lights up a room, and we doubt anybody who truly knows her would not notice that she is extremely authentic, humble, kind and loving. For this reason, a group of our volunteers chose to nominate Jennifer to receive recognition from our community, not just for her undeniable talent, but mostly for her example. She leads with love. She lifts others and she has a beautiful soul.

My nomination is for a very kind person, a physician who never gave up on me and went far beyond providing the average medical care typically provided by physicians, particularly those with long wait lists.

Ed got started as a mail carrier at the urging of a friend some 20 years ago, the past 17 of those in Kingman, Arizona. He did not have it easy growing up, but you would not know that by talking with him unless he shared that with you, because the positive attitude he maintains shines through. Ed is an overcomer.

Being a parent is difficult in itself, but raising a child in one’s very early 20’s is a whole different ballgame. 
That is where TJ Johnson found himself a few years ago, when the love of his life gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Amiah.

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