Mohave County Talent Search

Wow! What an awesome event full of jaw-dropping talent, breathtaking moments, and wonderful people. Our volunteers had so much fun and did such an amazing job in all of their respective areas, and we could not be more proud of them. Thank you to David, Corey, Katelyn, Lara, Vinny, and Kayla for all of your hard work! We could not have done it without you!

Nor could we have done it without our beautiful judges!
Our four judges all did such a wonderful job evaluating the talent, providing inspiring and insightful feedback, and showing off their own individual talents!

Tammy Houchen rocked the stage with her powerhouse voice as she performed her rendition of the famous Adele song, Rolling in the Deep.
Norelle Bemelman, a talented dancer and choreographer, showed off some additional talents that make her Digital Dreams Photography company so successful as she took many breathtaking photos of the contestants, judges, and emcees.
During the finale, South Utah-based singer and songwriter, Amy McAllister and her daughter Maycee both sang a heartwarming ballad to our Rising Star award winner, Lita Baynard. Lita inspires us all as she quite literally dances in the dark. She not only overcomes obstacles every day that would cause many to call it quits, but she thrives. The song, Dance Baby Girl, was originally written by Amy to Maycee to encourage her to keep on going and keep on dancing when life gets tough. 
Speaking of tough, the competition was the embodiment of the word!

Congratulations to all of our winners! We had twelve in all! We were excited to announce our upcoming event, Be the Change, and the professionally produced video that will be made by the winners – all hand-selected by our judges! For their exceptional charisma and innovation on the dance floor, Cherish Emerick and Trace Mahlum were selected to dance and choreograph the upcoming video. Two singers were selected for their originality and unique talents, as SarahJo Goade and Jennifer Perry will be singing and helping to write a song just for Mohave County!

There were two Mohave County performers that stood out for their age and potential as Lita and Kylie Marshall dropped some jaws with their dancing and singing, respectively. They were named our Rising Star recipients. Congrats you two!

Speaking of two, our two second place winners were amazing! Leeza Hernandez and her hip-hop dance numbers had us all mesmerized, while Rachel Murray’s renditions of Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin and Valerie by Amy Winehouse were full of great energy and fun sassiness. Congratulations to both of you!

*Cue Drumroll*
And now, our two first place winners! Keona Villeso took home the honors for the dance category as her talent and personality were on full display during her awesome and energetic tap routine. Meanwhile, Francine Money was “money in the bank” as one of our emcees described her performance of the famous Whitney Houston ballad, I Will Always Love You. Chills were felt and tears were shed as she belted those classic Whitney Houston notes. Congrats to our two first place winners!

We would also like to extend a thank you to Cydni Pitcock and her good friend Brian for their wonderful rendition of Imagine by John Lennon, which they performed on the violin and guitar. They were simply amazing and we could not be more proud of them!

Thank you to all the participants for being supportive throughout the day as they all loudly cheered each other on and showed us all what true sportsmanship is all about! Wonderful example you all set!

Judges: Tammy Houchen, Norelle Bemelman, Amy McAllister, Maycee McAllister
Sound and Lighting Engineer extraordinaire, DJ: Don West

Photoshoot Winner – Singer: Bella Marmolejo
Photoshoot Winner – Dancer: Brooke Sahawneh
Professional Video-Shoot winners – Dancing: Cherish Emerick & Trace Mahlum
Professional Video-Shoot Winners – Singing: SarahJo Goade & Jennifer Perry 
Rising Star – Singer: Kylie Marshall
Rising Star – Dancer: Lita Baynard
2nd Place – Singer: Rachel Murray
2nd Place – Dancer: Leeza Hernandez
1st Place – Singer: Francine Money
1st Place – Dancer: Keona Villeso

Thank you to our wonderful sponsor - Lightborn Enterprises.
The owner of this international Christian outreach organization, Dan Schmucker, presented giant checks to the first place winners!