We value the importance of historical preservation, diverse entertainment options, family values and vibrant economies. We value local businesses and we strive to support them as much as we can. We work to achieve anything which will advance our positive objectives by forging collective ways to address community interests and by discovering ways to make great things happen.

Together, we can all be Positive Change Agents. Please join us in helping make the communities in which we live - great and vibrant places to live, work, raise our children and play!.

Who We Are

We're patient yet persistent. We desire sustainable change that is meaningful to people. We don't just give up when things seem tough. We believe in ourselves and our fellow community members.

We believe in maintaining a forward direction with great momentum. We believe in building strong relationships built on trust. We're approachable and reliable. We believe kindness is paramount.

We respect and value each other and all people within the communities in which we seek positive change. We believe in diversity.

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At MCPCA, we strive to impact our local communities with positive change. We are not a corporation. We are not an organization. We are simply a group of people, from different walks of life, seeking to enact change upon Mohave County - change that will bring joy and hope to those around us.

Positive Change Agents understand the dynamics that facilitate or hinder change. They're capable of defining, researching, planning, building support, and partnering with others to create positive change. They have the courage and the willingness to do what is best for the communities they represent.

Our success in helping to be a catalyst for positive change in our communities will be primarily for being a synergistic group of people who embody similar characteristics. We work as a team with a clear vision. We have the courage to ask tough questions when needed, yet we're not politicians, nor do we have political motives.

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