Nominee: Judy Reese, Mohave County, AZ

Submitted by: MCPCA Volunteers

How many of you knew that we have numerous national champion level dancers right here in our community? We credit this remarkable woman and her team of outstanding, world-class instructors for this distinction!

Judy Lee Reese had long desired to open her own dance studio. For years, she had worked at her craft, studied the arts, and passionately honed her talent. That knowledge and skill coincided when she decided to try her hand at teaching.

Judy focused her teaching on correct technical training, while maintaining an atmosphere of love– an atmosphere where students could have fun, be themselves, and know it was alright to mess up, because the only real mistake is not trying.

She excelled in her teaching, and loved every second of it. Still, after countless hours of dedicated teaching and training, she maintained that lifelong dream of hers to open a dance studio that centered itself and its instructors around the students, in the same way that she did as a teacher.

From that dream, a studio would be born. In our wonderful community of Kingman, a facility would be opened that would go on to be Judy’s vessel to change hundreds of lives, on and off the dance floor, through the teaching of, not only fundamentally-sound dance skills, but life skills, such as: “responsibility, punctuality, teamwork, and respect for others.” These valuable life lessons are instilled into every young dancer that walks through the doors of Kingman Dance Factory.

Having met many of these dancers during the process of planning and hosting the Mohave County Talent Search last October, we found those virtues to be quite prevalent. We also recognized the love that these grateful students of dance have for “Miss Judy," and the endless devotion and care that she has for all of her dancers and her passionate, talented instructors.

Ask Judy about her studio or herself, and she will most likely light up with excitement and put all the credit back onto the dancers and their wonderful instructors. That humility, and the many hearts and lives she has touched, is precisely why we are recognizing and celebrating Judy during Women's History Month, as an all-around exceptional human being.

If you haven't yet checked out this amazing dance facility, we highly recommend that you do! We're including just one video performance (check the link below) of some of the dancers at a 2016 national dance competition held in Las Vegas, Nevada, at which this group of young dancers won, 'Best Tap,' during the Rainbow National Dance Competition!

From their "Little Stars," Mommy and Me" and "Dancing Kids" classes to their outstanding "Performing Arts" and "Company Dancers," we're deeply impressed, and you will be too, if you are not yet aware of this gem of a dance studio, Kingman Dance Factory!