Nominee: Ed Young, Kingman, AZ

Submitted by: ​Anonymous Kingman resident on Ed's route

Ed got started as a mail carrier at the urging of a friend some 20 years ago, the past 17 of those in Kingman, Arizona. He did not have it easy growing up, but you would not know that by talking with him unless he shared that with you, because the positive attitude he maintains shines through. Ed is an overcomer. 
He is reliable, dependable, and even in nasty weather, he is cheerful and upbeat.

Depending on your chronological age, you might be reminded of another time when the mailman, the milkman, and even guys delivering potato chips were part of the daily life in America. They knew the neighborhood. Friendly, courteous and always- my neighbor, doing a job in my neighborhood, like the cop who would walk a ‘beat’, an integral part of the community. Ed is still like that. His wife Brenda matches that cheerfulness. He enjoys being outdoors, and always has, and he says visiting with people on his route is the best part of his job. While delivering mail, he offers up best wishes, hopes and prayers for the folks he delivers mail and packages to. When you see his demeanor while he is working, that is evident.

You might have seen Ed playing slow pitch softball, and if you have, you would see how his attitude remains constant. You will hear him encouraging his teammates, but even more impressively, you will see him being genuinely appreciative of the best efforts of the competitors.

While there are many folks who share some of those positive attributes that were identified earlier, I remember seeing Ed when I was dealing with the death of my brother, and had just returned home to Kingman. Ed saw me outside and pulled his truck over to drop off the mail for the day, and as usual, he waved and grinned and started to engage me in brief conversation, but when he learned of the death of my brother, his whole expression changed, shifting from his usual friendliness to genuine care and compassion, and he spent a few minutes with me that day that set him apart from just routinely doing his job, to being a real neighbor and friend.

He spoke with me and shared sympathy, offered warmth and kindness that I really needed. He said he would pray for me, and I appreciated that far more than he could know. He lifted me up when I was downcast.

Ed Young delivers more than mail. He brings encouragement, warmth and smiles.