Lemons are bitter on the outside and sour on the inside. A lot of people are just like that. Survivors, happier people, over-comers, optimists and opportunists take the events that turn some people bitter and adapt, using their God-given talents and abilities to make things better.

That is the core of the idea behind this event. Take the lemons you received, however you got them, and turn them into lemonade.
‘Making Lemonade – A Mohave County Festival’ has been in planning stages for nearly two years- by a committee of people who gift their talents and volunteer with Mohave County Positive Change Agents They work hard to make things better; they serve as a catalyst for positive change within our communities.

Without question, this festival is destined to be a much-anticipated annual event in Mohave County, Arizona.

As we await approvals on necessary permits, venue specifics and more, we’ll be sharing contests and inspiring stories of “lemonade makers.” We’ll also be sharing details about top-notch entertainment, delicious food options, fun activities and more that is exciting and will be happening at the first annual ‘Making Lemonade’ festival!

We want Mohave County to serve as the blueprint for other communities to follow. Let’s face it, life can be tough sometimes, but it is during those tough times, we all grow and learn and become stronger.

Join us in this quest to be an inspiration! We’re going to make bitter better! We’re going to sweeten some sourness. We’re going to turn some lemons into lemonade!



Making Lemonade - a Mohave County Festival


Coming to Kingman next October!