Here's YOUR assignment, something everybody should make a strong effort to complete. It's simple. Write a letter to somebody you love. No computers allowed. Grab some paper, even if it's a scrap and write what you feel. Express gratitude, express love, tell somebody how grateful you are for their friendship, their support, their example...

We're serious - each of us will be doing this, and we're going to frequently do it, because we know receiving a hand-written note or letter, with any kind expression, is way better than any text, 
e-mail or social media communication. You know it too, we know you do! So, let's do this together.

Let's communicate the old-fashioned way that matters most! Let's help bring the joy of getting a letter in the mail back into our everyday lives! No excuses, YOU can do this!

After you've mailed your letter, feel free to comment, or especially after you receive feedback from the person receiving YOUR letter - share with others how it made them feel! You'll be more than glad you did!